It might not be every traveller’s first pick when looking to go on a South American adventure, but that’s why it’s a budget-friendly option and has some beautiful beaches which funeral flower will make you not regret the choice. Crimes targeted at tourists have dropped substantially, and as long as you stay smart about the way you travel here, you don’t have to worry about encountering issues in safety.  The Galapagos Islands is a must-visit if you do choose to visit.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s an easy trip to make because flights are neither expensive nor too long and as it’s considered U. S. territory, you don’t even need to worry about carrying your passport. San Juan has tons of hostels that are student-friendly, and the rates are as low as just $15 per night. The food is excellent. It’s also perfect for people watching and the happy hour specials on drinks keep the budget low for college students to enjoy. The party scene here is fun with local rum-packed mojitos, and you are likely to meet other people of the same age as students from around the world gather here. Make sure to walk over to La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce as the neighbourhood has authentic restaurants and bars sprawling with locals.

Arenal Area, Costa Rica

The adventure opportunities are plenty here, and some of the B&Bs here even serve complimentary breakfast every morning. A huge bonus is the exchange rate that makes this trip such a good deal. For Costa Rican beer, go to a local grocery store in the neighbourhood instead of the bar. The local eating establishments – “sodas” – serve authentic Costa Rican specialities and it’s at a low cost, so it is perfect for students.


Even given the growing popularity as a travel destination, it remains an affordable choice for college students. You can afford lots of things as long as you keep to a tight budget and are thrifty. Transportation, food, alcohol, and accommodations – all of this could amount to $20 a day as long as you know how to plan your trip well,


Saranda’s City Port, Albania

Travelling to Europe isn’t usually cheap, but Albania is a happy exception to the rule. As the cost of living in Albania tends to be far more affordable than anywhere else in Europe, travellers on a budget stand to benefit from it as well. The Mediterranean country has quite a few beaches to visit to bask in some sunshine and relax. Not to mention, the traditional food here is nothing short of delicious.


Perfect to visit for some warmth and sunshine during the winter, Thailand has a long list of enticing destinations that college students on a budget can visit. The adventure sports opportunities make it a known favourite. Students could go kayaking, rafting and other such outdoor activities that are offered by many guide companies. To make extra savings while travelling out here in Thailand, make sure to find those hostels with shared rooms and bathrooms.